Naples Fishing: Spring is Upon Us

triple tail caught in naples

Naples Fishing: Spring is Upon Us

Ah, the smell of spring and the sound of screaming drags!

Though we are early to be calling for full on spring fishing based on the calendar, spring style fishing is here in Naples already. We’ve had great success with some of our other favorite species, such as sheepshead and tripletail. We’ve been out flinging the fly and man, between the weather and the fishing – 2018 is looking to be a great one for the Naples inshore.

Sheepshead on fly

Another awesome aspect to this year so far, unseasonably awesome catches.

“Wintertime” Snook and Tarpon have been what I will consider abundant for what is usually the slow time of year for these species. With this happening, we are looking at slightly warmer water temps as the reasoning, and with warmer water temps we can expect (possibly) an early tarpon season this year (the migration).

Of course, our winter (well, year round) regulars, sea trout and redfish- have been just as active as usual. Both species seeing great sizes and have been highly active on the fly here in Naples.

All in all, you’re looking at a completely awesome time to be on the water in Naples in search of fish. The waters aren’t packed with people, and many species are out aggressively feeding. This has so far proven to be great for both light tackle and fly fisherman alike. And even heading into the nearshore for bigger game, such as grouper and sharks, has also been on fire (as indicated by area reports).

If you want to come fish this area, give Captain Paul a shout.

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