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Everglades Fly Fishing Guides


Fly fishing the Everglades is the heart and soul of Glades Fly Fishing. Your Everglades fly fishing guide, Captain Paul, has been dedicated to fishing this area on the long rod for many years. When you’re looking to get the best in Everglades fly fishing, look no further than Glades Fly Fishing,


Glades Fly Fishing is a catch and release fly fishing service in the Everglades. This Everglades fly fishing guide only utilizes the best in equipment. This includes Clutch Fly Rods, Nautilus Reels, and the ultimate in technical poling skiffs – The Hell’s Bay Pro.


Fly fishing trips into the Everglades are offered all year long. Though we do have seasonal species, the fly fishing action in itself never ceases to amaze. This is why Glades Fly Fishing has made this area home for our fly fishing charters.

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The Everglades Fishing Experience


The western coastal Everglades is an amazing ecosystem. Vastgrass flats, mangrove mazes, and several freshwater feeds make this place an oasis for Florida’s top inshore species. This includes species such as redfish, snook, tarpon, sea trout, tripletail, black drum, and many others


The Everglades is also a protected landscape. In this, the area is one of the last undeveloped areas of South Florida. With little intrusion, both the fish species and even the adjacent wildlife and plant life tend to thrive better than in almost any other place in the state.


Because of the temperate climate resident anglers and visitors alike can fish here all year long. Many resident snook, redfish, and tarpon will keep you busy most of the year – but there is also an influx of seasonal species throughout the entire year. This area is also part of the great migration path of Tarpon that occurs yearly up Florida’s Gulf coast. But here, these fish are more relaxed and much easier to present a fly to.  Got questions?

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About Everglades Fly Fishing

South Florida’s Everglades eco-system is an expansive and diverse one. Mainly situated along the Southwest coast, the Everglades is an estuarine system. This area provides year-round fishing opportunities for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Bonefish, Permit, Sharks, Snapper, Sea Trout, Jack’s, Pompano, Bonita, Black Drum, Goliath Grouper, and even Largemouth Bass.


This area is nothing short of spectacular in regards to the fishing as well as the ecosystem. In this, the Everglades has drawn fly fishers from all over the planet for decades.


Hatch Mag had this to say:


“The Everglades National Park, put simply, is one of the best and most incredible all around saltwater fisheries here in the United States.”


The Latest About Everglades Fishing From Our Blog

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