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Goodland, Florida Fishing Charters


Glades Fly Fishing offers fishing charters in Goodland, Florida where some of the best inshore fishing in the state meets a place that is both historic and your gateway to the 10,000 Islands fishery. We believe this place is special in its own right, and our fishing charters into this area are just as special.


Captain Paul is a local Goodland area fishing guide who offers the best in both equipment and fishing experiences onboard his technical poling skiff that was built by Hell’s Bay Boatworks. It’s areas like this that the Hell’s Bay Boatworks fishing machine was designed for.


This area is home to expansive grass flats a unique backcountry system, as well as a deeply intertwined mangrove system. These come together to become one of the state’s finest shallow water estuaries, and anglers from all walks of life will enjoy this trip on varying personal levels.

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This is a photo of the bow of the boat where a fisherman stands to sight fish the Goodland Florida area
An angler holding a large redfish he just caught while fly fishing in Goodland Florida

The Goodland Fishing Experience


The fishery in Goodland is comprised of many natural fish havens. This includes the bottom grasses, the mangrove systems, and the oyster beds that make up this area’s inshore fishery. Anglers can expect to target redfish, snook, sea trout, and tarpon. This area also has shoals and islands that help to break up the nearly endless grass flats that extend all the way into Florida Bay from here.


The area is also home to other species of fish, and is considered to be an excellent wintertime fishery- as well as a warmer weather one. Other gamefish species such as spanish mackerel and pompano can be found cruising the waist deep waters here.


Whether you are looking to sight fish the flats on fly, target tarpon, or even go after snapper – Goodland is the place to be. This is to both experience everything Florida inshore fishing is about, as well as experience the old Florida in a way that is hard to come by in this day and age. This is the right trip for you if you want to experience the best of everything.  Got questions?

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About Fishing in Goodland, Florida

Goodland, Florida is the northern gateway to the 10,000 Islands fishery and is nestled between Naples and Chokoloskee. The real key to this fishery is the nature prominent ecology that has had little influence by current and historic settlers. The inshore fishery is made up of miles of mangrove shorelines and exceptional backcountry passageways.


This region is well known as a top Florida snook fishery. Alongside these line-siders exist all of Florida’s inshore staples. This includes redfish, sea trout, and tarpon. Though, this estuary is home to dozens of popular species.


As stated in an article on Florida Sportsman


“Goodland is the geographical epicenter of thousands of square miles of waist-deep shallows that stretch endlessly toward Florida Bay. Navigational charts identify hundreds of shallow bays and nearshore grassflats.”

The Latest About Goodland From Our Blog

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