March Fishing in Goodland

March Fishing in Goodland

With the beginnings of Spring happening, alongside a few random cold mornings, you can see the activity begin to increase as the days go by. We are starting to see some snook and a few other spring/summer species. When the cold does hit, the redfish and sea trout aren’t taking any breaks – so “fish on” is happening in any case.

Best bets are to target redfish, sea trout, black drum, and even some tripletail earlier in the day. As the sun comes up, snook, sheepshead, and some juvy tarpon are out looking for a bite. This month will mark the start of the “active” season here in Goodland. Next month it will continue to get better.

Also making regular appearances this month are:

  • Barracuda
  • Mangrove Snapper
  • (Some) Cobia
  • Flounder
  • Pompano
  • Spanish Mackerel


All in all, March is a great month to fish the area, and it marks the transition to our warmer weather species.

Fly fishing for snook

March Fly Fishing in Goodland

For long rodders it’s time to break out the whip sticks and get to sight fishing. This is probably the best time of year for fly fishing as the presentations are light enough, the boating traffic is low, and with the variations in weather during March – this type of presentation can work best for both sluggish fish on cool days.

This also makes great live action practice time for the big show that will take place all summer. So get out there and enjoy the serenity and start scoping the flats and roots for shadows and pushes. The fish are out there and a strip set is in your near future- if you venture out.

Wildfire Smoke

We did have some visibility issues early in the month from wildfire smoke, but that is long passed us now.

The fire started as a controlled burn Friday, but an unexpected shift in the winds caused it to rage out of control.

“We got a weird wind shift that was not predicted through the modeling, when that happened it jumped the line,” said Clark Ryals with the Florida Forestry Service.

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