Naples Springtime Inshore Fishing

Naples Springtime Fishing

Naples Springtime Inshore Fishing

Here is Spring 2018, Naples, Florida has seen a mix of both great and subpar fishing conditions. This in regards to weather and temp, but thankfully there are active and ready to eat species abound during spring, the biggest deal is you may have to switch up targets and tactics for any given day. That aside, we are getting excited about the great fishing that is literally just around the corner, and spending these days on the water will go a long way in providing us the data we need to stay consistent on the fish from here, right on through the fall.

I would say the biggest stars right now would be redfish and seatrout. Seatrout, in particular, are starting their aggressive feeding behaviors and seem to be readily available regardless of tidal flow. A few feet of water over some healthy grass beds and sea trout are sure to be found. Redfish are around just the same, but a moving tide is definitely helpful. These can be found patrolling slightly shallower waters, but you are still looking for grass beds – with a mix of oyster beds.

Black drum and tripletail are making appearances, but this has been hit or miss on any given day. However, there is a mixed bag in regards to species that are all sort of in this same boat. This includes pompano, cobia, and jack’s. Thankfully, when one condition pushes one away, another seems to take its place. In this, there are bites to be had.

Tarpon and snook are not quite peaking yet, however, tarpon are making appearances here and there. In this, hooking up can be a bit of a task, but this is a good sign for the fishing to come. Snook are out there and are being caught. This is the usual scenario, moving water and mangrove roots are definitely the places to hunt for springtime line-siders in Naples.

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